What types of LEDMate work lights are available from Light Planet?

Light Planet offers a number of reliable, high-quality work lights that suit a variety of settings and environments. There is the Large Work Light which is powered at 20w, and the Mini Work Light at 10w. Both these types of work lights are designed with a long-lasting Li-ion battery, which requires only 3 hours for charging, and they are complete with a magnetic base, tilting body and a battery display screen.

Next, there is the Tall Work Light which is available in two different sizes: 1.4 metres (50w) and 1 metre (25w). Consisting of some of the top-notch quality LED componentry available in the market, these work lights are very simple to use and come with a secure, handy carry bag. Lastly, Light Planet offer a High Power Torch, with a built-in adjustable beam angle, USB charging point and battery display.

Light Plane’s LEDMate work lights are designed to ensure utmost reliability, quality and functionality for the trade.

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